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MTD Benefits was founded with a goal of changing how benefits planning and service is done. We have over 13 years in the insurance industry working for major carriers like Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield, along with other major agencies. What we found was that when a business or individual deals directly with a carrier, they are typically pushed into a plan that may not meet their needs. That's because the goal of the carrier is to keep from losing you to their competitor, not necessarily providing you with the best plan for you and your business. Another thing we found at other agencies is that they may help you find what you need, but once you're signed up, you can easily get lost in the shuffle.


That's the MTD Benefits difference. We were born out of a need for people to be able to find the best coverage for their business or family, and to provide the kind of excellent follow-up service that they deserve. That means not only finding the perfect benefits plan, but also being available to answer their questions about a claim or a invoice. This is why our mission statement is "Making the Difference in People's Lives, One Client at a Time." Our clients love the fact that we're willing and able to help them with a phone call to their carrier with a simple question about their plan. Combine that with the brightest ideas and best coverage, and you can understand why more and more people depend on us for their benefits needs.   |   858 Oak Street  |  Gainesville, GA 30501 |  678.928.3920

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