Group Benefits

With the ever-changing laws and rules on group benefits for your busines, you need innovative thinking—brighter ideas. If you're currently offering benefits to your employees, and you're being hit with increase after increase, it's time for you to look for new solutions. Or, if you feel that you're not able to offer benefits to your employees, you may be surprised at just how easy and low cost it can be.  MTD Benefits has the brighter idea and better coverage. When shopping for the best coverage for your business, we look at all carriers, not just the largest four. Plus, we offer plans that reimburse the business for unused premiums at the end of the year.


Implementation is one of the most important parts of group benefits. Your job is time-consuming enough; you certainly don't need to handle the enrollment or questions on the enrollment. That's why we work with your associates and answer all their questions and are even on-site to facilitate the enrollment.


Under the new laws, Compliance is the vital piece that most agencies are missing. Our group has conducted hundreds of compliance reviews and not one company has passed 100%. One reason why is that under the new laws, compliance spans from the IRS to the Department of Labor. If a business is not compliant, they can be audited and fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. All of our group benefit clients receive this compliance review for free.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is a big issue when it comes to making sure your program is running smoothly. We visit your location(s)s every month to see how we can help, whether it's addressing new employees or termed employees or just answering employee questions and concerns. This lifts the burden off you and your business, and it's what we do best.   | 858 Oak Street |  Gainesville, GA 30501  |  678.928.3920

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