Are you turning 65? Just become eligible for Medicare? The annual enrollment is October 15, 2017 through December 7, 2017, so you need to make sure to review your plan options for 2017. You probably have been bombarded with information about Medicare Advantage plans, Prescription Drug plans, and Medicare Supplement plans. So...which plan is best? Which one covers your medications, or for that matter, do you even need a medication plan?

There are new RX plans with very low premiums. Other RX plans have changed their lists of covered drugs. So, you need someone who can analyze all of this and find the best plan for you. Medicare Advantage plans also have changes in their RX coverage, plus, there are certain plans no longer provide the coverage of certain hospitals or doctors. And, some plans have expanded into other markets where they were not last year. There are some plans that should be stopped to allow you to switch to a plan with a better fit for you and your family. For example, did you know that all plans are regulated to have the same benefits, and if you are on a Plan F, you are paying more than you should.


MTD Benefits takes an educational approach to these issues and can provide you with the most important and most applicable information about Medicare and how it works. We can also outline what Medicare options are available to you according to your needs. We can custom tailor a plan for you that will meet your needs and yet, still be cost-effective. And, if you're already on Medicare, you need to review your options at least once a year. We have been able to save Medicare beneficiaries an average of three-to-four hundred dollars a year, simply by taking a look at their needs and what options are available to them. The same thing goes for those new to Medicare—we can show you your options and find your needs and then design a custom plan for you.

Contact us today for a no cost no obligation plan review. We work with ALL plans and run your medications with all plans to see where you are best suited. 

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